Build flawless email newsletters within 10 minutes effortlessly by using Stripo’s templates! Stripo’s compilation comprises up-to-date, fully responsive email templates for 2022. Easy to customize any! Export them to 70 ESPs and email clients, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, eSputnik, Outlook, and Gmail. (Source)

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Has free planYes
Starting price$0/mo
Learning curveLow
Widely usedYes
Good for teamsYes
Responsive email templatesStripo offers only fully responsive email templates. It means they render correctly on all kinds of mobile and desktop devices, and in most email clients.
Smart elementsLet you generate multiple product cards in your free HTML email template or generate an email digest in no time
Email banner generatorWith Stripo, you can easily create banners, edit them in the editor and write/place your text over a banner image, then wrap it in any of the 40+ decorative fonts.
Content modulesCreate necessary email elements, save them to your personal storage in your Stripo account, and reuse them across other campaigns.
Synchronize modulesYou just edit one single HTML email template, say footer, and then these changes are applied to all other templates where this option has been activated.
Anchor linksThey are meant to take users from one section of the email to another/necessary one without the need to scroll through. 
Rollover effectA new image shows up upon a mouseover in emails. It saves lots of precious space and jazzes up your email marketing campaigns.
Hover effect for buttonsUpon a mouseover, the buttons change colors. You add these to your responsive email templates to make them more dynamic and less static. 
Star ratingsUsers being able to rate you directly in emails increases the user response rate by 520%. With Stripo, you add these forms/ratings to your HTML email template with no coding skills. 
Drag-and-drop and HTMLThis enables you to design the visuals and texts by using the Drag-and-Drop feature. And then you can customize existing designs with the open code editor. There you can work separately on the HTML code and the CSS code. The CSS part of the code gets added to HTML (inline CSS).
Around 100 AMP email templatesAMP has proven itself to be effective, increasing conversions by 520%, growing your CTOR from 6 to 17%, etc.
Real-time and dynamic contentIt is the type of content that gets updated in emails the moment subscribers open them. It lets you provide them with only fresh, up-to-date information, no matter when they open the email.
Brand-consistent email templatingTo let you stay on-brand (meaning you use your website design styles across all email marketing campaigns) with minimal effort, Stripo allows you to generate a Brand Guidelines kit precisely for your brand.
hundreds of email template categoriesStripo divided all the email templates that it offers into various categories. 
Outlook compatibilityWhen you turn this option on, your buttons do look in Outlook just the way you planned.
More likely to avoid SPAM folderFirst, if you, when creating an email message, you forgot an alt text, Stripo will add it automatically — it will add quotes to your responsive HTML email template, instead. Recipients won’t see it, but spam checkers will see this alt text and will not mark your email message as spam.
Follow us on social media section in emails with 1 clickWith Stripo, you add the entire section to your emails with just 1 click — you just pull the Socials block into your responsive HTML email template, and it’s done. Stripo will add all necessary social media icons and respective link to each of the icons.
Preview your emailStripo comes complete with 3 ways to preview your email message before you send it out to clients.
Work on emails with your teamsYou can give respective levels of access to each of your teammates and then you may rest assured that each of them will be able to affect/edit only the assigned part of the template.
Exporting options: Stripo 70+ ESPs and email clientsAll free responsive email templates that Stripo offers can be easily exported to major ESPs and famous email clients like Gmail, and Outlook, with no further setup required.