Atlas VPN

Choose Atlas VPN as your shield against threats online and a bridge to the internet without borders! (Source)

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Has free planNo, but very affordable
Starting price$2.05/mo
Learning curveNone
Widely usedYes
Good for teamsYes
DevicesCompatibility with all popular platforms will allow you to protect all devices. Spread the news and take the time to help your family stay safe as well.
SafeSwapOur SafeSwap servers allow you to access the internet from several IP addresses at a time, further bolstering your anonymity online.
Block malware and adsAtlas VPN blocks websites and ads known to host malicious content such as phishing, malware, or virus-distributing sites.
WireGuard® protocolAtlas VPN employs best-in-class WireGuard® protocol to ensure secure and seamless streaming, gaming, and overall browsing experience.
Tracker blockerIts splendid Tracker Blocker feature helps stop third-party trackers from gathering insights about your online activities.
Split tunnelingSplit tunneling helps you keep important data protected without losing access to local networks and services.
MultiHop+MultiHop+ allows you to tunnel your connection via multiple rotating VPN locations, protecting your online traffic behind several layers of encryption.
Data breach monitorAll-in detection mechanisms scour the internet to investigate whether your personal details have been exposed online.
Private DNSAtlas VPN has its private internet address book. Visit all your favorite websites without worrying about someone logging your queries.
Solid no-logs policyWe take caution to preserve your privacy. Thus, we do not collect details on our users’ activities, DNS queries, or other data that could be linked to our users.
Change your locationHide your IP to avoid all that unnecessary location tracking. You can do this by connecting to any of the available Atlas VPN servers.
Superior web traffic encryptionAtlas VPN employs AES-256 for data encryption, crafts tunnels with IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard, and adds SHA-384 and PFS ingredients to the mix.
Network kill switchNetwork Kill Switch halts all online activities after VPN connections become unstable. It is a small but mighty mechanism, preventing IP/DNS leaks.
Servers across the globeAtlas VPN extends your digital reach by offering more than 750+ servers. You are in the driver’s seat, with total control over your next destination.
Seamless streamingStreaming-optimized servers tackle buffering, lags, and other issues cord-cutters face. Tune in to watch your favorite media content uninterrupted.
Safe and sound P2PAtlas VPN lets you perform secure file-sharing between large groups of people. Share responsibly and safely without any restrictions.
Best location detectorTap the Connect button: it is that simple! Atlas VPN hand-picks the ideal server for you according to distance, download speed, and latency.
Unblock websites and appsAtlas VPN joins the fight against internet restrictions, censorship, and regional blocks by helping users reclaim access and digital freedom.
Supersonic web surfingEnjoy a balance between advanced security and blazing speed. With Atlas VPN, you can browse confidently, undisturbed by sudden connectivity drops.
Polished to the coreTop-notch privacy and security can come easily. Atlas VPN smoothens every edge and delivers impeccable quality with maximum user comfort.
Unlimited simultaneous connectionsWe want you to be safe on every gadget. Atlas VPN supports unlimited devices and wishes you an anonymous and protected voyage.