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Has free planYes
Starting price$0
Learning curveLow
Widely usedYes
Good for teamsYes
Unite every stream of workCreate a single source of truth that’s tailored precisely to how your teams work. Include everything you need, nothing you don’t.
Interface with work in a new wayCreate custom interfaces that give each and every teammate the relevant information they need and a simple way to take action.
Bring all your data togetherAll your information. Always up to date. At your fingertips. Keep everything in sync across your organization.
Get started quicklyBegin building on day one. Airtable’s pre-made templates and intuitive design help you tackle even your most complex needs, right away.
Transform how teams work at scaleDiscover deep integrations, advanced extensibility, expert support—everything your organization needs to reach new heights.
Interface DesignerBuild visual and interactive interfaces that give each and every teammate the information they need and a simple way to take action.
Transform your data into actionable viewsYour business data changes, so how you view it should be flexible. Create the perfect view that’s right for you.
Workflows without the workStreamline how your team gets work done and cut out the clutter by automating your processes with Airtable Automations.
Knock down data silosAlign your teams around a single source of truth with real-time data from different sources. Point. Click. Stay in Sync.
Flexible reporting for your unique use caseWhether you’re “no-code” or you “know-code,” Airtable has the tools to show what you want to who needs to see it.