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An impeccable platform and extra web hosting solutions at unbeatable prices. Get your Web Hosting plan with an SSD or Cloud solution on masterfully engineered web servers. (Source)

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Has free planNo, but very affordable
Starting price$7.99/mo
Learning curveLow
Widely usedYes
Good for teamsYes
High connectivityAll of AccuWeb’s servers have a 1 Gbps port connection which is perfect for running your Websites, Software Applications, Game Servers, Web Development, and much more on VPS server.
Latest server processorAll of AccuWeb’s servers are equipped with the highest performing server processors. They have 24 to 48 cores (3+GHz boost) with 64 to 256Mbyte of cache running two threads per core.
Optimized storageAccuWeb’s Classic VPS plans run on Nimble SAN storage, SSD VPS plans run on Solid State Drives, and Cloud VPS plans on fail-safe, high-speed distributed SAN storage.
RAID setupAll of AccuWeb’s server nodes have powerful RAID 6 or RAID 10 architecture, allowing us to offer storage redundancy and better performance for each VPS plan.
Server securityAll of AccuWeb’s VPS node servers have 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection. In addition, we follow the best practices for security.
Regular auditsPerformance is everything for any business. Therefore, AccuWeb performs regular audits of all its servers to eliminate any hardware or performance-related errors.
Dedicated IP addressAccuWeb provides at least one IP address with each VPS plan. You can connect to your VPS via SSH with a dedicated IP address.
Full SSH accessAll of AccuWeb VPS plans come with full administrative access via SSH. Therefore, you can install any application in your VPS as per your requirement.
Fully redundant platformAll of AccuWeb’s servers have a 1 Gbps port connection which is perfect for Hosting, Database Hosting, Application Hosting, business needs, and so much more.
Complimentary backupRegardless of the plan or duration of the service, we offer a free weekly backup to all VPS plans in Denver, USA. Read more about Complimentary Backup
Paid backupApart from the Complimentary Backups, AccuWeb offers daily CDP backup with all plans at a very affordable price. Read more about our daily CDP backup Paid Backup
VPS management panelAll plans in Denver(USA) include a web-based VPS management panel to monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage of your VPS. You can also pause, resume, and restart the VPS.
Choice of operating systemYou can select the OS from CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, and Debian. You will have all these options available with all plans.\
Hosting server locationAccuWeb has servers in 16 locations. So you can launch your VPS plan in the available location nearest to your targeted audience.
Choice of control panelTo automate the provisioning of website hosting services, AccuWeb offers cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin panels with all VPS plans.
Business email accountsEach of AccuWeb’s VPS with cPanel includes an Exim mail server. As a result, you can create unlimited business email accounts.
Database serverAll of AccuWeb’s VPS plans with cPanel include the latest MySQL database server allowing you to create unlimited databases.
Additional resourcesDuring the signup or at any time, if you are looking for additional resources for your VPS, you can always add them as required.
Latest PHP, Python or PerlAccuWeb can install and configure the cutting-edge technology on your VPS. So run your PHP, Python, or Perl script without any hassle.
Easily scalableAll of AccuWeb’s VPS plans are easily scalable. You can upgrade to the next level anytime you wish. All your data will remain intact during the upgrade process.